Modern Hero

Meet Victoria Arlen

At just 11-years-old, Victoria Arlen was in a vegetative state, fighting for her life. Today she’s a Paralympic Gold-Medalist, an ESPN host and a Season 25 Dancing with the Stars competitor. Here’s her remarkable story.

Meet Dr. Audrey Evans

This 93-year-old is a world-renowned Pediatric Oncologist who Co-founded Ronald McDonald House Charities, giving homes to more than 7 million families across the world. The impact she has made is unparalleled – this is her story.

My 180 Life

Rising Hero Sabrina Velez

Growing up, Sabrina was separated from her family and passed through the foster care system. Now she uses her art to make people smile. Meet this incredible #RisingHero!


Meet AK Frazier!

See how one woman’s passion for golf has resulted in millions of dollars of college scholarships for girls across the country.

Meet Mary Nixon!

Her mother was known as the queen of the American soap opera, but that was nothing compared to the real-life drama of drug and alcohol abuse Mary Nixon struggled with as a teenager.

Meet Dr. Mayberry!

Even though only 19% of surgeons in the U.S. are women, this trailblazer never allowed any issues around gender get in her way. #ILookLikeASurgeon

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